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About Us

We are passion driven three local women in Vancouver...!
Although many people assume that Japan Market is funded by the government like other big public festivals, it's just 3 women putting our hearts into spreading awesomeness of Japanese culture in Vancouver :) Each of us being vendors ourselves, we understand what would be best for vendors.

Our dream is to create happy events where local Japanese vendors shine, as well as non-Japanese vendors, who have passion and love for Japanese culture, to join this little Japanese community. We believe creating such events will lead to better friendship between Vancouverites and Japanese!

We feel very lucky that so many people support what we do, including sponsors, vendors, volunteers, and thousands of customers who came to the events!! Thank you very much!

Japan Market Vancouver - Yuko, Mami, and Yurie

Mami, Yurie, Yuko

*Photo from left; Mami, Yurie, and Yuko.

Mami is a beauty specialist, owner of Beauty Secrets of Japan

Yurie is an illustrator, owner of Cutie x Cutie Vancouver

Yuko is an importer and cultural ambassador, owner of Pac West Kimono

Japan Market Vancouver