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Summer Market

June 8-9, 2024
Saturday & Sunday: 10AM to 6PM
Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza

Come enjoy shopping in the sun at our unique outdoor summer market with local Japanese vendors and food vendors!

Thank you for attending! We’ll see you at the Fall Market.


Tate and Nori

Tate with Nori

You may recognize the members of Tate with Nori from the acclaimed Disney+ series, “SHOGUN” — acting in period scenes and katana battles throughout the episodes.

Tate is a traditional form of choreographed stage combat used in cinema and theatre. It combines precision, acting, and martial arts techniques, requiring both talent and rigorous training. Nori is a unique Taiko drummer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, collaborator, and sound healer based in North Vancouver.  Tate with Nori brings a wealth of experience, captivating audiences in Japan and Canada. Their work exemplifies an exciting blend of tradition and modern entertainment, making this a must-see performance.

Okinawa Taiko

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko has been performing in festivals, charity functions and anniversary events for just about two decades. The group’s aim is to promote and preserve Okinawan style drum-dancing “Eisa”, and to share Okinawan cultural heritage. The membership consists of a mixed generation to reflect the presentation of grassroots folk art. We hope to deliver the Okinawan spirit through the beat of our drums and harmonies of our dance.

Okinawa Taiko
APPARE Yosakoi Vancouver

APPARE Yosakoi Vancouver

APPARE Yosakoi Vancouver is the only team on the west coast of Canada that performs a Japanese traditional dance, called “Yosakoi”. Their team concept is “Smile” “Shout” and ” Enjoy”; bringing smile, energy and joy to you!!

Katori Shinto-Ryu Kenjutsu

Katori Shinto-Ryu Kenjutsu is a classical martial art focusing on sword fighting techniques. They train to fight with traditional samurai weapons, including long and short swords, fighting staff, spears, and naginata (halberd). Modern kendo and Ⅰaido were born from the older schools of kenjutsu, but their techniques are practiced in their unmodified forms and the focus is on the complete warrior who can utilize all weapons in practical combat at full speed.


Totoro and Magic Moments


Saturday, June 8

Magik Moments photobooth

Sunday, June 9th

Magik Moments

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